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We are quite happy with the performance of Better Air

We are quite happy with the performance of BetterAir in reducing odors and have consequently awarded BetterAir with a 12-month contract to continue providing their effective solution. Hilton Hotel London Metropole

Your solar fan is working as advertised

Thanks for all of the info and forms. Your solar fan is working as advertised. It even runs quietly. I might add, it even runs when there is no direct sunlight (which happens a great deal in upstate New York during the winter). I’ve got it located on the South facing side of a hipped […]

What a great insulation

We had the attic blanket installed in September. Our utility bills have dropped significantly. What a great insulation. And to our surprise, we can really feel a big difference in our home. We are very pleased with our purchase. Let us know if you have more dinners, we want to invite our friends and family […]

An excellent job on our house

An excellent job on our house. Work completed and clean up was promised. Would do again and recommend highly. Everette West Bend, Wisconsin

Frankly beyond my expectations

The Bluemaxx service I received was frankly beyond my expectations. When I initially requested service, I frankly felt like I could prove it to be a myth. Boy was I wrong. I would highly recommend this service for (your) car, home or business. It rocks! Steve Bleser Charlotte, North Carolina

The air conditioner doesn’t run as much

We had the Invisaflects applied to our ceiling and a good portion of our walls in our home. We are happy with the results. The furnace did not run as often, and we also have noticed the air conditioner doesn’t run as much. We have the temperature set a little higher because is isn’t necessary […]

We have never been more satisfied

I knew the attic blanket was working very well when I went to the bathroom at night and didn’t get chilled, but the big test was when our power went out. It was out all night and into the next day. The temperature in the house only dropped 6°F. What’s even more impressive is it […]

We couldn’t believe that our utility bill went down

We decided to get the Attic Blanket installed. We received our utility bill after our first month and were pleased with the results. This time of year we expect our bills to go up 15 to 20% like always and EXCEL energy had increased our costs by 6% as well. We couldn’t believe that our […]

Bluemaxx dropped the temperature

In July, we had issues with our air conditioning not working properly. We had temperatures up to 80°F in the restaurant. We put Bluemaxx in our system and it dropped the temperature close to a level we were comfortable with. Our customers felt very comfortable. Zappone’s Italian Bistro Gilbert, Arizona

We have seen significant savings on our electric bill

My wife and I purchased the multi layer reflective insulation blanket along with the solar fan. We’ve gotten good results from both. We have seen significant savings on our electric bill since the installation. The product is definitely energy efficient. We are completely satisfied with the installation, that includes the quality of the job completed […]