Our home is very comfortable

By having the energy efficient attic insulation installed in our home, we’re very satisfied with the savings we have seen on our electric bills. Our home is very comfortable with even heat and cool air.

Harrison & Betty Plumber

Conroe, Texas

They did quality installs promptly

My husband and I purchased the solar fan for our home and the attic blanket for our rental property. We are both very pleased with the products and even more pleased with the workers. They did quality installs promptly, courteously, and with attention to detail.

Susan Rains

Thackerville, Oklahoma

The hot and cold spots have disappeared

Since we have installed the attic blanket and solar fan in our home, we stopped noticing the hot and cold spots. Our energy bill has dropped and the dust in our home has been reduced drastically. We are so happy with the installation of your products in our home. Thank you Yellowblue!

Chuck & Deborah Urano

Mission, British Columbia

There is a world of difference in our home

We recently added the attic blanket to our attic and there is a world of difference in our home. The air temperature is more consistent throughout the house and neither the furnace nor AC run half as much as before. We could not be more pleased with the purchase and highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to reduce their power bills while enjoying a more comfortable home.

Jeff Brantley

Mahomet, Illinois