Eliminated Hot and Cold Spots

I had the attic blanket and two solar fans installed in my home on 1-10-14. I have seen my utility bill decrease and cut my cost by 30%. It has cut my heating and cooling bill substantially. I can see it has saved on the wear and tear on my (HVAC) unit because it does not have to work as hard. The attic blanket has also eliminated hot and cold spots in my home. I have spoken to Brandon Lander and showed him copies of my utility bills where my cost has gone down from year to year. When I have my A/C unit serviced, the people who come to service my unit express how cool my attic is when they enter it. I am very pleased with the work that has been done and would recommend this to everyone.


A.P. Marchand

Foley, AL

Consummate Professionals

These young men were consummate professionals. They were very non-intrusive but willing to take time to answer any questions. They cleaned up after themselves and left the property better than they found it.


Birta Colenda Borener

Dothan, AL

Great Customer Service

Workers arrived on time, did a great job in as little time as they could. Were very polite and did clean up everything they did. Enjoyed their company. Would be glad to have them back if I needed more work.

Yuonap Counts

Camphill, AL

Big Savings From Products

We had our manufactured home ceiling done with the ceramic coating 2 years ago. So far it has saved us over a lot of money in the past a year. It looks great and matches the ceiling, and added value to our home as a great selling point when we have to sell.

Cliff Jean

Casa Grande, AZ

Fast, Informative Work

They did a great job installing and cleaning out my attic. Brandon (Landers) did a great job talking about the product. Dan and Jeff were very friendly and kind and did a great job. They cleaned up all the mess and helped carry boxes out. I was very pleased with the whole team.

John Rada

Silverhill, AL

Dealer was “A WINNER!”

Nick Ryan (Heartland Eco) is a true professional. He listens to his potential customers and Nick is extremely knowledgeable of his product and how it can help the homeowner. My wife and I were impressed with his sincerity and honesty. Nick was running a little late and was thoughtful enough to call us ahead of time. He was focused and didn’t rush our decision. Nick follows through, as promised, two days after the installation to ensure it was proper and we were satisfied. The Rheins whole-heartedly recommend Nick Ryan to anyone investigating Yellowblue products. HE IS A WINNER!

Charles Rhein

Salina, KS

Instant Comfort From Heat Pump Upgrade

We installed MLInsulation, Solar Fan and BlueMaxx for one heat pump on March 15, 2015. We instantly felt much more comfortable. Cooler home in the summer and the A/C hardly ran all summer. We were much warmer in the winter. Very comfortable and cozy heat throughout the house.

Very honest company as they followed through on all promises. We have no problem recommending the MLI, fan and BlueMaxx.

Dave & Elaine Brew

Armstrong, British Columbia

Your solar fan is working as advertised

Thanks for all of the info and forms. Your solar fan is working as advertised. It even runs quietly. I might add, it even runs when there is no direct sunlight (which happens a great deal in upstate New York during the winter). I’ve got it located on the South facing side of a hipped roof. I installed it myself following the online directions with no issues. When it snows less than a couple of inches, the snow on the solar panels melts immediately. That attic was under ventilated with lots of moisture prior to the solar fan installation. Now, for the first time in years, there has been no moisture in the attic. Thank for the follow up. I’ve very happy with the product and glad I did not purchase the “cheaper product” sold in the big box stores. Quality trumps price!

Dom Luciano

Mechanicville, New York

We have seen significant savings on our electric bill

My wife and I purchased the multi layer reflective insulation blanket along with the solar fan. We’ve gotten good results from both. We have seen significant savings on our electric bill since the installation. The product is definitely energy efficient. We are completely satisfied with the installation, that includes the quality of the job completed along with the professional manner the installers too in the installation process.

Wilbert Joseph

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

They did quality installs promptly

My husband and I purchased the solar fan for our home and the attic blanket for our rental property. We are both very pleased with the products and even more pleased with the workers. They did quality installs promptly, courteously, and with attention to detail.

Susan Rains

Thackerville, Oklahoma